June 25, 2016

A Change in the Timeline….

Hello Gamer Friends,

Due to a conflict with a much larger gaming entity *cough*Magic the Gathering*cough*, we’re going to have to move our event up a week. Our next Gameday will be on the 17th of September, starting at 10am.

Thank you and Happy Gaming,


A Wild Gameday Appears!!

Hello Gamer Friends, it’s been a long time. After a  year’s long hiatus, we are proud to announce that:


Once again, the wonderful and lovely staff of Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie have agreed to be our generous and gracious hosts. The next Gameday will be held on Saturday, September 24th and we will once again be hosting two gaming slots, the Morning slot, 10am – 2pm and the Afternoon slot, 3pm-7pm. We are not accepting GM or player registration just yet, but we will begin the process of signing up for games with plenty of time before the Gameday. Mark this on your calendars now, Gamer Friends and we’ll see you in September!!

It’s almost time…

We’re just over a week away from our next Charm City Gameday and there are still plenty of seats available for you to claim as your own!

In case you haven’t had an opportunity to look at our schedule for the event (https://warhorn.net/events/ccgd-summer-2015/schedule/2015/09/19), here’s a list of all of our open games and their descriptions:

Sky Pirates of the Purple Planet


Saturday, Sep 19, 10am-2pm (GMT-04)

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

System: Dungeon Crawl Classics
GM: David Brawley

The elders said that once every 181 years, when the planets align, the Kith Corsairs from the Purple Planet come and raid the lands, taking goods and slaves. You laughed… and then you were taken! Can you escape and return home while the planets are aligned?

Throwdown in Chinatown!


Saturday, Sep 19, 10am-2pm (GMT-04)

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG

System: Dungeon Crawl Classics
GM: Eric Hoffman

A gang war is underway in Chinatown, in the Dark Territory city of Brimstone. A giant ball of green flame has inexplicably destroyed an opium den. Miners have uncovered a rare, and extremely valuable sample of Demon Ore. What, if anything, do these events have in common?

Powerful forces are at work and the fate of the entire territory may hang in the balance. As reluctant agents of The Illuminati factor, Brigadier Bellows, your group of gunmen, gamblers, spellslingers and preachers must navigate the dangerous and exotic Chinatown neighborhood of Brimstone to discover who, or what, is afoot.

This is a first level DCC RPG adventure using the Black Powder, Black Magic rules and setting supplement by Stormlord Publishing. No prior experience with either is required to have a rootin-tootin good time in the Weird West!

Titansgrave: Rust & Bounty


Saturday, Sep 19, 10am-2pm (GMT-04)

System: Fantasy AGE
GM: Jamie Wood

Explore the mysterious Rust Wastes, a technological graveyard in the city-state of Nestora that promises grave danger & wondrous rewards.

No play experience needed. No materials needed. Dice, characters, and pencils will all be provided. Familiarity with the Titansgrave: The Ashes of Valkana web series is recommended, but not required.

Travels on The Whispering Road

System: Travels on The Whispering Road
GM: Brent Newhall

Want to play in a Hayao Miyazaki / Studio Ghibli movie? The Whispering Road was built to emulate the kinds of stories told in Miyazaki movies. Will you create a Rascal, a Mentor, a Special One, or an Ordinary Hero? How will he or she learn to help others?

We will create characters and a scenario during the session. I designed the game and have run it at conventions several times, so I’m very comfortable that we’ll fit the time slot.

All materials will be provided, and I’ll explain the rules as we go. You’ll need three d6s and three d8s.

For more info about the system, go to http://whisperingroad.com

If you’d like to purchase a copy of the rules, go to http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/793436 – It’s $10 plus shipping for the book and PDF, or $5 for just the PDF. It’s also available as a PDF on DriveThruRPG at http://rpg.drivethrustuff.com/product/137996/The-Whispering-Road

All For Love


Saturday, Sep 19, 3-7pm (GMT-04)

System: Honor + Intrigue
GM: John Appel

The Glorious Revolution is underway, and King James II and his ilk are attempting to flee England ahead of the Prince of Orange’s forces. But the beautiful actress Annabelle Cooper, true love of your life-long friend, has been kidnapped by the vile Marquis of Pevensey. Can you rescue her before this blackguard escapes to France? A cinematic swashbuckling adventure.

No experience necessary. Pregenerated characters provided. Cheesy accents optional.

Fury Road Trip

System: Atomic Highway
GM: Sean O’Connor

Who wants to play in a badass one-shot of a Mad Max style RPG set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland ruled by psychotic bands of motorheads and their gas-guzzling death machines?! THE ANSWER IS EVERYONE DOES!

The system is Atomic Highway and focuses on Wasteland Survival, Scavenging, and Vehicular Combat. It’s pretty rules-loose, cinematic, and a blast to play.

All materials will be provided by the GM

Night Witches

System: Night Witches
GM: Casey Steven Ross

We’re playing Soviet women in an all-female night bomber regiment during World War Two. We’ll be pilots, navigators, mechanics and political officers.

Our mission is to harass the German army, which has invaded our country. The war is brutal and horrific.

We fly obsolete biplanes and drop bombs on the Germans. When we don’t have bombs, we drop railroad ties. Things are desperate. It is incredibly dangerous. We fly in darkness, sometimes a dozen missions each night.

The sexist Soviet army wishes we didn’t exist and nobody expects us to succeed.

We are going to succeed anyway.

No materials or prior experience needed.

This game handles some mature subjects (sexism, gender issues), and I’m really only looking for players who can handle this without giggling the whole time or acting like jerks.

The Tertofski Twist


Saturday, Sep 19, 3-7pm (GMT-04)

System: Ashen Stars (Gumshoe System)
GM: David Wood

Tertofski Station is too far out of the mainstream to be fought over, handles no cargo interesting enough to steal or smuggle through, and doesn’t have enough mechanization for any sort of robot uprising. The only thing that makes it interesting is how boring it is. It’s certainly not the sort of place you’d expect your team of Lasers to be sent on an emergency call. Yet there you are…

Characters will be provided, and may be slightly customized.

We hope to see you all there at Games and Stuff on the 19th!

Sign ups are now live!

Gamer Friends,

Now is the time to register for the September Gameday and sign up for games! Our Warhorn site site for the event is now live and ready for you to use.

Time is running out!

Hello Gamer Friends! This is a message for all our potential GMs out there: we will stop accepting game submissions for the Gameday at 12 noon today, so if you’re still on the fence about running a game, this is your last chance. Make sure you use the submission form to submit your games!