August 19, 2017

Hello Jackers!

Hello out there to all the adherents of Happy Jack’s Undrinkable Ale! Welcome to our humble website. At the moment we don’t have another Gameday scheduled with our amazing host, Games and Stuff, but when we do, it will appear here, on our Facebook page and from our Twitter feed. We do hope that if you are Baltimore-area Jacker, please check us out and join us for our next Gameday.

A Plethora of Open Seats for you…

Hello Gamer Friends!

We wanted to make sure each and every one of you are aware that as of today, we have a majority of our games still have seats available and waiting for you to fill them.

In our Morning Session these games still have open seats available:

  • The Sunless Citadel – This will be a four hour session of DDIA-06, the opening adventure of Season Six of Dungeons and Dragons Adventurer’s League
  • Gamma Rifts – A game set in the world of Rifts, using the 2nd Edition Gamma World Rules
  • Dance in the Blood – A Trail of Cthulhu game investigating a horrible event set in 1935 England
  • The Legend of Delphi – A game making use of Green Ronin’s new Fantasy AGE RPG system CANCELED

For our Afternoon Session, the following games still have open seats available:

  • Alter Arms – A playtest of a newly created homebrew gaming system; be the first to try it out! CANCELED
  • Dragons of London – A game of adventure and exploration set in Victorian England using the Ubiquity RPG system
  • Kali Ghati – Track down a missing Delta Green agent using the newly released 2nd Edition of Delta Green CANCELED
  • Tekumel – Play in one of the original D&D settings, playing in the Old School style
  • The Burning Need of Things – Summoned to the Infinite Embassy of the Kingdom Below, play as members of Washington, DC’s supernatural community in the newly released Dresden Files Accelerated RPG
  • The Mad Manor of Astabar – Delve through the ruins of a Wizard’s Manor to determine the fate of the Wizard in this D&D 5th Edition game.

It’s Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive!!!

Gamer Friends!! After a long wait, we are finally open!!! Please take a look at our schedule and feel free to register for the event! You’ll be cleared to sign up for games as soon as we have received your entry fee.

Thanks and good gaming!

GMs – The Time is Now!

Gamer Friends! GMs! The time is now! The game submission form is now live and awaiting your game submissions! Go, run some games!

Calling all GMs! Calling all GMs!

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That’s right, Gamer Friends, the time is fast approaching. Starting tomorrow at 12pm, EST we will begin accepting GM game submissions for the upcoming Charm City Gameday. As before, we will begin with five open tables for both the morning and the afternoon. We will expand the number of available tables as demand to run games grow. Keep an eye on our submission form to become active starting at 12 noon tomorrow.

Thanks and Happy Gaming.

Charm City Gameday HQ