October 1, 2014

Full Rosters and Time for Tickets

Good morning Gaming Friends!

We here at Charm City Gameday HQ are pleased to announced that not only were we able to expand the number of tables of play from five to seven per gaming slot, all 14 slots have been claimed by area GMs. This means there will be a ton of variety to choose from at the Gameday and plenty of opportunity for everyone to get some table time and roll some dice.

Speaking of which, player signups begin tomorrow! Like last time, we will be using Eventbrite for our registration. If you are not registered with Eventbrite yet, now is the time to do so. Also, our events have been organized into Morning and Afternoon events, so be sure to carefully check to see that you’re not signed up for two games in the same time slot.

Have a wonderful day Gaming Friends and we look forward to seeing you all on the 19th of July for Charm City Gameday.

Filling up fast….

Gaming Friends! Our available tables are starting to fill up. We now have seven games to offer over the course of the Gameday. Please check our schedule to see what’s been added.

A Game Explosion!

Gamer Friends!!

In the span of 24 hours we have gone from having two games scheduled to having five games scheduled! Please, take a look at our schedule to see what’s been added. At the moment we have a wonderful variety of games, from The One Ring, to the new Fantasy Flight Star Wars RPG, Shadowrun and Dungeon Crawl Classics!

First Blood!

Gaming Friends, we have just posted our first two games for the upcoming Charm City Gameday! Please, take a look at our schedule to see what games are planned for the 19th of July.

Looking for a few Good GMs

Hello Gaming Friends,

We’d like to let you know that starting Sunday, the 1st of June, we will begin accepting game submissions from GMs. As before, we ask that you send your submissions into us via email: charmcitygameday@gmail.com and that all submissions be done in the following format:

  1. Title (Game System)
  2. Your Game’s Elevator Pitch – Basically a quick summary to describe your game, giving people an idea of what they’d be playing.
  3. Maximum number of players as well as any criteria for playing in your game (age, experience, etc)
  4. Required items to be brought by the player (characters, dice, etc)
  5. Preferred playing time slot (Morning: 10am to 2pm or Afternoon: 3pm to 7pm)

Thank you in advance and we can’t wait to see what games are going to be played this Gameday.