December 18, 2017

How Do I Sign Up?

Lots of people are asking: How do I sign up?

Are you a GM?

If you’re a GM and are planning on running a game at the Gameday, you need to fill out this form. Once you’ve filled it out and submitted it, you’re in! The Headquarters Crew will be in touch with you as we get closer to the Gameday. Until then, you should getting the word out about your game.

Are you a Player?

Signing up as a player is a two step process:

Step One: If you’re new to Charm City Gameday, sign up for a Warhorn account. Otherwise, go to Step Two.

Step Two: Wait. We’ll have a new Warhorn event site setup by the middle of September for you to sign up for games to play in, but we need our GMs to submit their game ideas first.

If you plan on gaming with us for the entire day, and we hope you do, you need to have a game ticket for each slot. Just having one ticket, either Morning or Afternoon, does not guarantee you a game in the opposite gaming slot.